Over a century of history

In the late 19th century, our cheeses were carried by sailing ships, now they are carried in temperature-controlled trucks to ensure there is no break in the cold chain. This is how the story of the Villecco family unfolds, spanning four generations, each focused on producing high-quality sheep’s and goat’s cheese. Growing steadily in terms of both size and range with the introduction of ever-new products, the business became known as Central in 1974 and took the plunge, bringing its multitude of small dairies scattered around the Sardinian countryside under one roof in its new strategically located Serrenti facility.



Carefully vetted ingredients and a cheesemaking process that has stayed true to tradition

Efficiency, control and professionalism

Milk coming from the various farms has to pass thorough testing to ensure it complies with regulations and that its organoleptic qualities are up to standard before it is filtered, pasteurized, cooled to curdling temperature and ultimately makes its way into the boilers, Here, it is the master cheesemakers’ job to skilfully add the cultures required to produce the different types of cheese or ricotta. Next comes the ageing process, at which point the products are stored in a number of rooms with different temperature and humidity
levels so that each product is allowed to mature to perfection. Our in-house laboratory checks to ensure legal parameters are met and materials and equipment are also checked at regular intervals to assure the highest standard of hygiene and ensure our cheese is entirely healthy.





Central has a full and highly qualified cheesemaking staff ensuring that products meet the highest standards of quality in terms of both production processes and ingredients.

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