Moliterno al Tartufo

Moliterno al Tartufo

Table cheese. The full flavour of Moliterno comes to the fore in the distinctive flavour notes of truffle. The white paste is shot through with veins of truffle, the rind features the distinctive marks left by its traditional cane basket mould and, lastly, all wheels are stamped with the “Central” logo as a guarantee of quality. Target market: Italy and worldwide.


t pairs well with aged red wines or sweet liqueur-like raisin wines; red wines with a pronounced, spicy and persistent bouquet, with scents of walnut, cherry and soft fruits, as well as spices and chocolate; decidedly dry, robust and full on the palate but, at the same, velvety and well balanced.

  • Amarone della Valpolicella (Veneto ITA)
  • Merlot Pomerol (Bordeaux FRA
  • Nebbiolo Monterey Country(California USA)
  • Cannonau Nepente Riserva(Sardegna ITA)
  • Carignano del Sulcis Riserva(Sardegna ITA)

Sweet liqueur-like raisin wines with a bouquet featuring distinctive aromas of sour cherry tart, grape juice, Mediterranean scrub and coffee; full, creamy and dense, perfectly balanced tannins bolstered by a lovely freshness.

  • Montefalco Sagrantino Passito (Umbria ITA)
  • Barsac Grave (Bordeaux FRA
  • Madeira(Madera POR)


it pairs well with highly fermented dark beers with good intensity on the nose, highly persistent, that reveal aromas of dried and alcohol-preserved fruit, coffee, cocoa, liquorice and a good caramel scent; intense on the palate, with a lovely light acidulous note that gives way to a subtle malty bitterness in the aftertaste; with noticeable, well-balanced and harmonious alcohol presence.

  • Dubbel trappista

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